Study at USURT

Ural State University of Railway Transport

Личный кабинет студента
и преподавателя

«Stations, Junctions and Freight Work»

Head: Sergei A. Plakhotich, PhD in Engineering, Professor 
Tel/Fax: (+7 343) 221-24-35 

Students are trained in one discipline:

Discipline: 190701 "Organization of Transportation and Transport Management (on Railway Transport)"
Specialization: "Management of freight and commercial operations on railway transport" Specialization: "Passenger Transport Management"
Specialization: "Management of Freight and Commercial Operations in International Traffic" 
Qualification: transport management engineer
Form of studies: full-time, extramural, accelerated extramural 
Duration of studies: 5, 6 years (full-time, extramural), 4, 5 years (accelerated extramural) 

Courses of the Department

  • Automated commercial service systems
  • Claim handling (on railway transport)
  • Interaction of cargo and rolling stock
  • Cargo studies
  • Railway stations and junctions
  • Marketing of cargo and passenger transportation
  • International transport law
  • Organizational structure, equipment and technologies on railway transport
  • Organization of cargo and commercial operations
  • Organization of transportation of passengers, baggage and cargo
  • Organization of operation of passenger facilities at railway transport
  • Law
  • Service
  • Storage facilities
  • Cargo and commercial operations technology
  • Transport law
  • Freight transport systems (TGS, KMAPRR)
  • Management of freight and commercial operations
  • Container shipping management and freight forwarding services
  • Terms of international transportation
  • Terms of transportation and tariff policy in international traffic
  • Refrigerated transport and fundamentals of thermal engineering