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«Physical Training»

Head: Alexander V. Yevseyev Professor, Head of Physical Education Chair, Honored Worker of Physical Education of the Russian Federation, Excellence in Physical Culture and Sports, was awarded with the Badge of Honor "For Merits in the Development of Culture and Sport," coach of futsal and football team.
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Currently, the university students are engaged in 17 sports: basketball , volleyball, futsal, football, arm wrestling, skiing, swimming, boxing, power lifting, chess, table tennis, sambo, judo , badminton, athletics, aerobics. In the academic work, teachers of the Department are guided by physical training program published in the 2008, created for full-time students of all disciplines. The program is designed for USURT students and is a document that defines content and plan of physical education for students in the course of learning process. It reflects organization of the physical education process based on the principles of humanization and personalization of learning. The program takes into account the characteristics of the students training. Its authors are: Head of the Department Professor A.V. Yevseyev, Assistant Professor of the Department L.K. Tropina, Assistant Professor of the Department B.V. Ashastin, Assistant Professor of the Department T. Yu. Stepina, Assistant Professor of the Department S.L. Usoltseva, Associate Professor of the Department I.I. Hetmansky and Senior Lecturer P.F. Sapova.

Also work programs are published for students majoring in "Business Management", specialization "Management in Sport", in the following disciplines:

  • T. Yu. Stepina "History of Physical Culture and Sports";
  • S.D. Mishneva "Hygiene of Physical Education and Sports";
  • B.V. Ashastin "Olympic Movement and the Modern Sport";
  • E.V. Salomatova "Maintenance and Operation of Sports Facilities";
  • E.V. Samarina "Physiology of Sport";
  • Ya.V. Chub "Safety in Sport";
  • L.K. Tropina "Management in Physical Education and Sports";
  • N.V. Potapova "Economics of Physical Education and Sports";
  • S.L. Usoltseva "Modern Sports and Health Technologies";
  • S.L. Usoltseva "Organization of Training and Education Process."