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43.03.02 Tourism

Skill Profile: Tourism

Qualification: Bachelor

Form and duration of training: Full-time - 4 years

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Fields of professional activity and its areas in which graduates who have mastered the Bachelor's Degree program (hereinafter referred to as graduates) can carry out professional activities: 04 Culture, art; 33 Service, provision of services to the public (trade, maintenance, repair, provision of personal services, hospitality services, public catering, etc.); the field of applied research.

Graduates can carry out professional activities in other areas of professional activity and (or) spheres of professional activity, if their education level and the acquired competencies meet the employees’ requirements for the qualification. As part of the development of the Bachelor's Degree program, graduates are prepared to solve the tasks of professional activity of the following types:

  organizational and managerial;


A list of the main objects (or areas) of graduates’ professional activity:

  tourism product, including basic, additional and related travel services, the development and design of tourist services’ programs;

  tourist organizations and tourism industry;

  tourist regions and territories;

  technologies of customer service, technical documentation and information resources;

  tourism product consumers, their requests, needs and core values;

  organizations’ primary labor collectives in the tourism industry.

To study:

  • Information and communication technologies in tourism
  • Business and intercultural communication in foreign language
  • The second professional foreign language
  • Management in tourism
  • Marketing in tourism
  • Economics of tourism