Ural State University of Railway Transport

Личный кабинет студента
и преподавателя
V. TEMPUS JEP_27066_2006 "Training courses on intercultural marketing"

    In July, 2007 the European committee has considered this project perspective and has decided to allocate the grant for its realization. As more and more Russian enterprises are involved in the international cooperation necessity of the organization of training courses on intercultural marketing became obvious. However the analysis of educational system of partner-universities has shown that few efforts are undertaken to integrate intercultural marketing into educational programs of faculties of management or educational plans of further training courses. The purpose of the present project is to prepare Russian businessmen for their expecting cultural barrier, to teach them to avoid "cultural traps". These courses will prepare the companies for the adaptation of their goods/services or their marketing companies and training of their representatives in other countries.

    Within the limits of the project realization universal lectures, the textbook on intercultural marketing (apprx. 200 p.) will be created. Besides that, 10 case studies will be developed to allow students to apply knowledge received on exercise, in real life in the international business world. These situations will take into consideration specific needs and problems of managers of Russian culture. Russian teachers from USURT, OSTU and SSURT will pass training in the universities of Ilmenau and Wolverhemton where they will get acquainted with experience of foreign colleagues on teaching intercultural marketing. After returning to Russia they will take part in the pilot course "REMARK". The group of listeners will be gathered. It will consist of businessmen and students who after termination of the course will receive certificates. In future after termination of the project it is planned to integrate the given course into educational programs and educational plans of further training courses.